PS3 bundle with GT6 and The Last of Us listed on Amazon FR

September 5, 2013

A new PlayStation 3 bundle has appeared on Amazon France (again) which sees a 500GB PS3, 2013 GOTY contender The Last of Us and the Anniversary Edition of upcoming racing-sim Gran Turismo 6 together in one package.

The bundle has a release date of December 4, 2013 which is actually two days before GT6 comes out. The bundle is priced at just under 300 Euros and looks like (picture above)

Amazon France has outed an upcoming PlayStation 3 “Ultra Slim” bundle which will include GT6 Anniversary Edition and The Last of Us.

The bundle is listed for €299.99, with a release date of December 4, 2013. That’s likely an error or estimation, though, as the official GT6 release date has the game hitting retailers on December 6th.

all_25_carsAs previously announced, the Anniversary Edition of the game will include 25 special-edition cars.

There’s no word yet on this PS3 bundle’s availability in the UK or North America, but you can, of course, reserve your own GT6 Anniversary Edition by pre-ordering at GameStop or


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