PS3 CEX to DEX Console Tutorial Released

July 9, 2012

That’s Retail to Debug console conversion for those who aren’t all that up to speed on the PS3 technical speak. A tutorial has surfaced within the walls of the Internet that details how to convert a retail PS3 console to a debug one. If you’re looking to make use of some of the DEX only apps and tools, this will definitely be worth checking out.

The anonymous developer/writer/whatever you want to call him, posted the tutorial on PS3News earlier today. He says that everything will be in working order after the conversion from CEX to DEX, with the exception of access to PSN. Other PS3 users have confirmed that the tutorial is legit and working.

You can check the PS3 CEX to DEX tutorial out for yourself if you have a spare console lying around. As always, even though the tutorial has been confirmed to be working correctly you should keep in mind that you will be attempting this at your own risk.  An incorrect move can render your PS3 console unusable. In Addition, the tutorial leaves no details on how to convert back to retail, so you may want to think twice before going through with this conversion process.

Source: PS3News

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