PS3 CFW 4.11? Or An Elaborate Hoax?

May 30, 2012

The PlayStation scene is having its fair share of rumours.  Whether they are true or false is a different story however.  One rumour that many are skeptical of is the works of @Mrjailbreak619 and his alleged PS3 hack…

This seemingly attention seeking developer has recently made a name in the PS3 hacking scene as a developer who is “apparently” close to releasing a 4.11 CFW for the PS3.  His Twitter talks of him being very close to a release, and all we need to do is wait.

Many of the community are in disbelief of this “developers” work, and this is apparent from the level of haters on his Twitter as well as comments on other sites about this hack.  Here is hoping that he will prove the skeptics wrong, but apart from the dodgy video you can see at the bottom of this article, his Twitter info certainly builds up an attention seeking ego:

With his presumtuous Twitter profile, dodgy video of the jailbreak and the fact that he somehow finds time to reply to nearly all of his tweets, I personally think we are going to be waiting for this jailbreak indefinitely.  Watch the video below and leave your opinion on the “hack” in the comments!

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