PS3 CFW 4.XX .PKG Resigner Script Released

November 7, 2012

Nothing screams hacker more than somebody sitting at a dark room coding away at their computer in the middle of the night. That  is exactly what z3roblu3 did with the creation of his new .pkg signing script. What started as a simple project meant to cure a single night of insomnia has very quickly developed into a tool that can be of great use to the ever growing community of 4.XX users.

Essentially what this small script does is take all of those 3.55 PSN games and homebrews, and attempts to make them playable on new version custom firmwares. Obviously quite a few devs have been somewhat slow at releasing their own updates to work with the new environment, so this gives the end user the chance to take matters into their own hands by running a simple application. All it takes is to extract the script somewhere on your computer and run the START.bat file. From there cmd will guide you through the rest of the process. Some users have reported that more titles have been working as a result of this, so it might behoove you to run your favorite packages through this at least once. Certainly something as new as this is bound to have its bugs, but the developer seems committed to updating right within the source thread? Anyone willing to give this script a shot?


Tags: CFW, homebrew, pkg resigner, PS3 Hacks, PSN

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