PS3 Cold Boot Directly to Petitboot

July 31, 2012

Are you looking for a custom firmware that will allow you to boot your PS3 directly into Petitboot?  Well there is good news as Glevand from Gitbrew is here to hook you up.With this PS3 CFW you can choose which ‘operating system’, either GameOS or Linux, to boot upon startup.   Here is what Glevand had to say about his Cold Boot.

Got cold boot working on PS3 Slim
My theory was right, i patched the initial GOS loader in process 9 of LPAR1 and it works now.
I can cold boot my petitboot with just pressing power button once.

Mega cool I can wakeup my PS3 with Ethernet Wake-On-LAN magic packet and if OtherOS flag is set then my PS3 slim cold boots petitboot Just like old times when we had old OtherOS.

Yay, i’m even able to cold boot my Linux with the PS button on my PS3 controller.

Yeah, with SS patch.
I can upload my ps3mfw patch so you could build your own FW without SS patch if you want.

@glevand from AlexPS3 – Yes thanks, I have 9 ps3,8 with linux and 1 with linux/games (I have CDs, not backups), with SS path has problems with trophies.

@AlexPS3 – I added the new option –patch-lv1-otheros-plus-plus-cold-boot-fix to patch_lv1.tcl

 Download: FW with OtherOS++ Cold Boot Support

 Download: PS3 MFW Patch

 Source: via ps3hax  

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