PS3 Community Unite – Showtime Icon Contest Announced

July 30, 2012

The team behind the legendary Showtime Media Player has announced a contest for the entire PlayStation 3 community. With the latest build, to be released in August, rearing it’s head they have decided a new icon design is in order.

This will complement the newly designed user interface. Details on the contest rules and submission requirements can be found below. In the meantime you can download the latest test release!

Andoma is getting ready to release Showtime 4.0!

Showtime 4.0 will feature a totally new user interface and experience. Thats why the Showtime Team is looking for a new xbm icon that will reflect this new era.

xmb icon:

320 x 176 size
No copyright images
Raw file (PSD, AI..)

How to submit entries:

Reply to this thread with a sample image (PNG/JPEG…).
Send the sample image to

Other ps3 sites you can participate too!

How winner is chosen:

8/18/2012 is the final date for submission
Showtime Team will review all the entries and declare a winner.
Winner will receive credit for their artwork.



Showtime Team #showtime

Download: Showtime 3.99.349 (Test Build)

Source: lonelycoder

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