PS3 Covers Uploader v1.01 & PS3 Tools Collection 2.3.4 Released

April 25, 2013

Aldostools is hard at work bringing you new updates to his app. The new update brings various features, including automatic file conversion and more.

PS3 Covers Uploader 1.01 new 2013-04-22! NEW! HOT!
This is a specialized FTP client that auto-converts any image (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF) to the proper cover size of 260×300 used by multiMAN, and auto-upload it as JPG to the proper covers path. Supports: drag & drop of multiple files, browse dialog, copy & paste image or URL from clipboard.

Note: Use multiMAN as FTP Server. It’s a great companion for Tidy CoverAgent.

PSP2PS3 1.7.5 “mod” updated 2013-04-20!
Changes in v1.7.5 “mod by aldostools”
– Updated with ps3_minis GUI v1.3 (mainly minor changes to the GUI. Compatibility should be the same as 1.7.4)

PARAM.SFO editor 2.8.5 updated 2013-04-18!
Changes in 2.8.5:
– Fixed issue adding version fields through the command without the leading/trailing zeroes.

PS3 Bruteforce Save Data 3.8.1 updated 2013-04-18!
New features:
Resign trophies or saves, preview images of trophies, direct FTP download/Upload saves or trophies from/to PS3, unlock saves/trophies to work on any PS3 account, unlock saves/trophies with FAKE account id, added support for Game Genie cheats, fixed issue with patch SFO, improved load time. Multiple saves can be resigned in a single step.

Added direct update of the repository of cheats from It also features the Patch Creator 1.3 plugin to assist in the creation of save patches.

TIP: After you resign and replace your trophies, it is required to Rebuild Database through Recovery Menu, and launch a game that will do “Sync Trophies” on it’s startup in order to get the trophies working properly.

Special thanks to flatz, Alex @ CMP, skillerCMP, gingerbread, butnut, acab, Petar, Dreamcat4 and many others

New Repository by gingerbread new 2013-04-15!
New site dedicated exclusively for PS3 cheating using PS3 Bruteforce Save Data (BSD) and PS3 Cheats Editor (PCE). Share your own cheats created with Patch Creator, discuss about existing cheats and help to improve the cheats repositories.

PS3 Cheats Editor 3.0 updated 2013-04-15!
Now the cheats compatible with the EBOOT hack can be identified easily. This version includes a cheats database for 557 games compiled by gingerbread @ ps3hax and a link to his discussion thread. Thanks to @SkillerCMP now the EBOOT patcher supports code type: 0T00 (8bit), 1T00 (16bit), 2T00 (32bit), 4T00 (Serial codes), 5T00 (Copy codes)

New features:
Creation of PKG for patched EBOOTs, improved tagging for cheats compatibility with EBOOT patch, updated the cheat database with gingerbread’s update containing 534 games, fixed issue with version numbers and creation of PKG for disc EBOOTs. Update the database directly from

PS3 Games Database 1.4 updated 2013-04-15!
New features:
Auto download images from PSN store, save database to CSV file, import list of games from USB drive, FTP server, clipboard or just entering the URL of a game. Now the database allows multiple selection of items.

Bruteforce Edat 1.0.4 updated 2013-04-14!
It’s a dev klicensee bruteforcer that can be used to find the klicensee used on edat files. It uses BuC’s dev klicensee validator to test the potential keys. The tool works in a similar way as Scetool/Bruteforce tool used to find regular Klicensees.

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