PS3 Debug/Test (DEX) 4.11Firmware

July 20, 2012

After a long wait in the PS3 scene it appears that there could be some kind of movement on the 3.55+ firmware issue.

Word on the street is at the moment an unknown developer has leaked a Debug/Test version of firmware 4.11.  I cannot confirm the validity of the release myself but I bet we will see some movement from the developers rather quick to either tell us its real or something different from the version that came out last month… well that was fast, its been confirmed the release is not a new one but it may have been under your radar so if you are interested in looking at it for yourself feel free to take a peek at the download and the Wiki linked below.

PUP Hashes: MD5::9CF0BCF94436622AD490D7FF1318ECBB | SHA1::2004BA34992DDAC31A81B39D526FB64F902FF772 | CRC32:: 965A86BF | CRC16::3B90 | HMAC_SHA1::C17A5D586AABF15F386E3D8D91E307FAF52652A4

Source: PS3DevWiki via PS3HaxDownload

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