PS3 Dev oct0xor Releases Updated PS3usercheat PKG

June 29, 2012

PS3 dev Oct0xor comes back once again for all of his fans out in the PS3 hacking scene. Although he hasn’t made any new progress with breaking the other dongles (yet), he has updated the release for the PS3usercheat.

Just as the name suggests, the PS3usercheat package is your cheating solution for all of the PS3 games that you encounter at one point or another in your video game life. PS3usercheat installs to your PS3 just as any other PKG file and does not require the use of the dongle. (It wouldn’t be broken then, now would it?) Some nice tweaks and updates have been done alongside the release of the cheatlist.


  • List is in alphabetical order and it scans your internal/external GAMES folders for what games you have.
  • Puts a little key symbol next to the ones you can use.
  • Load your game backups directly from the cheat menu.
  • Checks that your game versions match before loading.

You can grab the updated PS3usercheat v2.2 PKG with the included cheatlist below. Remember, this is not compatible with the True Blue nor the Cobra custom firmwares.

Download: PS3usercheat PKG v2.2

Source: @oct0xor via PSX-Scene

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