PS3 Dev_Flash & LV0 Keys For 4.31 Decrypted & Released

October 31, 2012

Official firmware 4.31 was released not too long ago and it has already been manhandled by the developers and hackers within the scene. Team Siracide has decrypted and released the PS3 DEV_Flash for firmware 4.31, while an Anonymous developer has done the same for the LV0 keys of that firmware. Not only that, the LV0 & LV2 keys from 4.25 and the LV0 keys from 4.30 have been made available as well.

Release Notes For DEV_Flash:

PS3 DEV_Flash 4.31 by Team Siracide

bdplayer 17.199.913 byte
data 32.588.957 byte
ps1emu 3.203.888 byte
ps2emu 6.700.000 byte
pspemu 7.541.594 byte
sys 19.273.312 byte
vsh 106.355.777 byte

Release Notes For LV0 Keys:

Boot Loader SE Version 4.3.1 …(Build ID: 4906,49507, .Build Date: 2012-10-25_22:18 :34)

Both are available for download, if you want to take a peek. Maybe a 4.31 CFW is right around the corner.


4.31 PS3 DEV_Flash
4.31/4.30/4.25 LV0 Keys

Source: Tortuga Cove | ConsoleCrunch | Logic Sunrise

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