PS3 DEX Tools Leaked

July 26, 2012

As if we haven’t seen enough this week in regards to CEX and DEX development a tool set has now been leaked. As usual the source has chosen to remain an0nomys, and I don’t think anyone will complain about that aside from Sony. With this latest leak we now have two pieces of software to help us get even more out of our DEX system.

First he have PS3 Generator Tools, they are used to create backups for 3.60+ games to use after you’ve converted your PS3 from CEX to DEX. The second is ProDG which is a tool used for debugging purposes with your freshly converted DEX system. So there you have it a pair of tools to help with development of more DEX related homebrew… enjoy.

Source and Compatibility List / ProDG 4.20 (65.89mb) / PS3 Generator 3.30 (5.67mb)

—Note: you will need to login to download the files from the links—

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