PS3 Firmware 4.20 Finally Drops

June 26, 2012

At the top of the month, some speculation began when Sony posted a product page for their upcoming Pulse Wireless Radio Headset. They made reference to the headset requiring firmware 4.20 to be installed on the PS3. At the time, that firmware did not exist. It stayed that way until today.

Sony gave their usual pre firmware release announcement yesterday and have released firmware 4.20 at the crack of midnight. Are there any big updates in the latest 4.20 Firmware release?  The major change for the firmware is that the “Sidetone” feature that has been the center of feedback for users who use the Wireless Stereo Headset, has been improved. With this, you are now able to select five levels of microphone audio as well as being able to disable Sidetone completely. That’s not all in that alley as the virtual sound functionality has also been enabled for the movie watchers.

Away from the headset, you can now set different idle power off times when you are viewing media or playing a game and that you can select multiple savedata files for whatever operations you perform with them.

You can grab the latest firmware from the usual spots – System Update or via Storage Media.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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