PS3 Firmware 4.25 Inbound With A Goodie For PS+ Users

September 12, 2012

A day after its routine maintenance on the PlayStation Network, PlayStation US and EU have both announced on their respective blogs, that the 4.25 firmware update will be available tomorrow. The main feature being advertised is that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to take advantage of increased savedata storage space in the cloud, seeing a boost from 150MB to 1 GB. That is all that was announced for this update. However, the guys at Sony have been known to toss in additional hidden features and changes in the past, so keep your eyes peeled. We will only be able to find that out once the firmware is downloaded and running on our consoles.

You know when the firmware becomes available, we will be sure to let you guys know. In the meanwhile, you can grab yourself a subscription to PlayStation Plus if you don’t already have one.

Source: PlayStation

Tags: 4.25 firmware update, Firmware, PlayStation 3, PS3

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