PS3 Game launched via Debugging Mode

September 18, 2012

this is great news

i just think there are other ways also to do it like full game debugging.

I research this option myself , and i can see also there are ways to to optain the decrypted eboot several ways.

I really played around today, and i manages to get full game debugging.

And that havent been done as yet

It always have frustrateted me that you couldent debugg retail eboots/games

Normally when loading just fself in debugger, is just nothinh happends.

So i played around.

here is an small tut.

First reset in debugger mode.

locate the eboot.bin decrypt it, and resign with Fself one.

then in target manager set app_home to the BLES or BLUS folder.

reset target

Then load executable then locate the eboot.bin

load it

then open Tuner from the SDK.

then load executable there also .

when you do this you get kicked to the ps3 debugger.

then in debugger you press go under options ..

concrats you are debugging full game .

movie intro


also on the ps3 you can play the game under debugger mode .

since eboots stays in ram to the next is loaded the intire game can be debugged.

so there for only the eboot have to be decrypted and not the sprx if the game os needed off that

just since an monkey like me can figure it out so can you.

PS when the debugging starts you can sniff with “software.”

even works on 4.11 games but prepare for huge files like 1 gb when sniffing, so hope for any good suggestions.

really dont care about war on sites, just help eachother

funny **** is that you can debugg both TB and cobra this way, all the updates an dongle updaters, just wised that dex was around before 


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