PS3 Game List: PC App from nullptr

June 4, 2013

PS3 Game List is a new PC application from nullptr. This app will scan a directory on an HDD.  If that directory contains PS3 Games the app will create a list of the game titles along with any trophy data that is available.  The Game list can also be exported to a text file if that is something you are interested in. View the release quote below from the developer for additional info. and screenshots of the PC application.

 Release Quote from Developer nullptr 

Hello all!

I wanted to quickly create a list of my backups. I didn’t have any app that could do it, so I wrote a simple one and would like to share it. There might be other (more professional) apps, but it’s nice to have alternatives.

The application scans for games in a directory and creates a list of games names and their respective IDs.
The list can be saved to a text file. Also games trophies can be browsed if they’re available.


Hope you like it!

Download: PS3 Game List




Tags: CFW, homebrew, nullptr, PS3 Game List

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