PS3 Game List v1.9.2

April 18, 2012

Its been a while since we last saw anything from wborland or his PS3 Game List app.  But now we are happy to say there’s now an update which brings the app to v1.9.2 and it works on multi operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac which I can imagine was a pretty big undertaking but it works.  So have a read of the Dev notes below for each available operating system.

About Windows Release:

(SHA1: b97106a293c192b6b4f6a66b8ee7ce5bc3e22600)

Another revision bringing PS3 Game List to v1.9.2. Despite the minor release digit, this version implements an interesting feature (which almost stands as a project of its own): ISO 9660 file system support.

Users who have the various dongles that provide ISO image functionality can now use the app to manage their game library, check the change log for additional info. I am considering adding UDF support as well, if there is demand for it.

Since multiupload has been down for a while, I’ve been looking for alternatives. I intend to host the files at, the project seems to fit their developer initiative well. I will get in touch with them and arrange something out. Meanwhile, the download is available at the provided link, it will do for now.

About Linux Release:

(SHA1: 4afa3580c011ae3a2e5aac8508c7b4d99f09b874)

The Linux port of PS3 Game List, based upon v1.9.2, is available for download. It implements most of the Windows version features (minus the platform specific functionality). The OpenSSL package is required (download the correspondent version for your release), and so is the Qt lib (the download link includes base files).

About Mac Release:

(SHA1: ead25e85f468ae4a130419a93ab71382c58eea46)

The OSX port of PS3 Game List, based upon v1.9.2, is here, featuring the same app updates (minus the platform specific functionality). Mac OS X 10.5 or up is required, so is OpenSSL (OSX ships with a slightly outdated version, but it should work; feel free to update to the latest release, though) and the Qt lib (the download link includes base files).

Haven’t tested it on Lion, let me know of any eventual misbehavior.

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