PS3 Game List v3.1 Released

March 4, 2014

wborland has updated PS3 Game List to v3.1. PS3 Game List is a PC file manager for PS3.

This new addition brings huge bug fixes and overall improvements.

Yet another revision bringing PS3 Game List to v3.1. As mentioned before, the main goal was to work on the application engine so it could better accommodate upcoming changes. Roughly, it means tons of fixes, and game data loading up to 80% faster.

This version implements a new feature: UDF (ISO 13346) file system support. In addition to loading ISO 9660 files, users can both create and load UDF 2.50 ISO images of their game folders. PS3GL now supports loading split ISO images as well.

Moreover, the app now fully supports Unicode characters in game folders (finally no more errors while loading data or mass renaming).

Check the changelog below for all the 3.0 features.

As usual, feel free to suggest something new, and, if you happen to find any bugs, please report them as well.
PS3 Game List change-log and features:


Improved application engine (game data will load up to 80% faster);
UDF (ISO 13346) file system image support (users can both create and load UDF 2.50 ISO images of games in their library; data stored as an ISO image will not be editable; an icon will overlay both avatar and background image in order to differentiate the entry from standard game folders, and the tooltip will display additional info about the volume; note that ISO images do not follow the ‘folder depth’ configuration, just have them stored at the root of a directory and they will be loaded as a regular game folder);
Support for loading split ISO images (e.g.: filename.iso.0, filename.iso.1, etc.);
Support for Unicode characters in game folders;
Fixed issue that prevented displaying trophies from ISO images;
Fixed bug that prevented opening folders in explorer;
Fixed bug while extracting trophy data;
Fixed bug while joining split files;
Fixed drive status issue;
Fixed image replacing issue.

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