PS3 Game Updates Get A Few Of Its Own

June 19, 2012

aldostools is back with another update to his PS3 Game Updates application. For those who were experiencing the Runtime Error: 70 error, this update should fix that for you.

If you are just finding out about aldostools’ PS3 Game Updates application, it is a forked version of trueicecold’s already existing PS3 Games Updater application. The purpose of the app remains the same and that is to provide you with the update files of any particular game. Since release, it has seen a few updates, which squashed several bugs that users may have been running into.


  • Fixed bug: ‘error 70 – access denied’ on Windows 64 bit
  • Fixed bug: ‘stop download if game folder is collapsed’
  • Fixed bug: ‘Verify button disabled pasting text with mouse’
  • Fixed bug: ‘Verify button disabled pasting text in lower case’

You can pick up aldostools’ PS3 Game Updates application below.

Download: PS3 Game Updates v1.04

Source: PS3Hax

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