PS3 ISO Tools v1.94b Released

February 20, 2014

The latest version of PS3 ISO tools is out. The new version brings updates to makeps3iso, extract3iso, and patchps3iso. Along comes your usual bug fixes and what not.

Changelog v1.94B:

Various bug fixes
Include latest makeps3iso, extractps3iso, patchps3iso

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“PS3 ISO TOOLS” is an all-in-one tool for a complete PS3-ISO handling and contains:

ISO-Generator to convert PS3-Folder-Format-Games 2 PS3-ISO-Format-Games (splitted big-files will be joined)
ISO-Extractor to convert PS3-ISO-Format-Games 2 PS3-Folder-Format-Games (big-files will be optionaly splitted)
ISO-Splitter to split single PS3-ISOs for use on a FAT32 device (“*.iso.0″, “*.iso.1″, …etc)
ISO-Joiner to join splitted PS3-ISOs into single PS3-ISOs
ISO-Modifier to rename single or splitted PS3-ISOs according to game-info found in “PARAM.SFO”-file
to hide/un-hide parts of splitted ISOs (“*.iso.1″, “*.iso.2″, …etc)
to extract and save “PARAM.SFO” and “ICON0.PNG” as “[ISO-name].SFO” respectively “[ISO-name].PNG” within ISO-folder

ISO-Patcher to patch single or splitted PS3-ISOs to a lower firmware version (down to 4.21)


Pretty self-explanatory… read the tool-tips

You can batch-convert all of your PS3-Folder-Format-Games, when you select your game-archive as source-folder(eg “X:GAMES” or “X:GAMESZ”)
All other tools, with the exception of ISO-Patcher, support batch-operation as well. Just multi-select the ISOs you like to process.
ISO-names will NOT contain special ASCII-characters 0-31, 126-255 and also NOT /:*?”<>| … This is to avoid problems with webMAN (You can allow usage of special ASCII-characters 126-255, like ‘™’ or ‘®’ in “ISO-conversion-Options”)
After conversion/extraction a log-file will be shown, which compares size and number of files


While converting to ISO-format “PARAM.SFO” and “ICON0.PNG”(Game-Icon) will be placed (hidden) as “[ISO-name].SFO” and “[ISO-name].PNG” at target-folder. If you use webMAN copy these 2 files(per game) to “/dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/”. This will save you the effort to mount each game at least once to make webMAN display it’s game-icon.
Aborted batch-conversions could be continued. Already finished conversions will be skipped.

@Estwald for “makeps3iso”, “extractps3iso” and “patchps3iso”



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