PS3 Keys 1.0 – A tool to manage your PS3 keys + BruteForce 2.0.2 Update:

September 24, 2012

Another great update has been publicized by aldostools. This time he released a new app, called PS3 Keys 1.0, and updated the BruteForce/SCETool Decrypter tool to version 2.0.2. All Downloads are available on his website

Today I updated the BruteForce 2.0.2 package again…
but this time the update is not related to any of the tools, but related to the ps3 keys (both .ps3 and scetool’s keys file).

Here is the background:
Yesterday I decided to recheck the .ps3 keys and realized that it was a bit difficult to edit/fix the keys using just an hex editor.
So I created this tool to review the keys and edit them with a little more ease.

I used the .ps3, datakeys and ps3devwiki Keys article for a three-way comparison.

And found some mistakes in scetool’s datakeys file and some missing keys in “.ps3″ and others keys were wrong.
Not to talk about all the mistakes in the ps3devwiki already discussed here some days ago.

So I did the best that I could do and fixed the files included in the updated archive of BruteForce 2.0.2

It would be great if some of the experts here could double check if all the keys that I updated are correct now or if there are still more mistakes…

Source ps3crunch and

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