PS3 LV0 Keys Are Public – What Now?

October 25, 2012

Three days ago a team calling themselves The Three Musketeers released the LV0 keys on this pastie. Now some wonder what good will come from this. Well first things first, is one can see the benefits in the recent release of custom firmware Bluedisk 4.25 & Rogero 4.21 CFW. Although a little buggy it is a light at the end of a very long tunnel.


Rumors suggest that the same people behind the True Blue dongle were indeed the same as the new Bluedisc team. Further rumors suggest that they stole the work of others or at least used knowledge given to them without permission. Fact is once The Three Muketeers noted the use of their work for yet another reDRM method, they decided to release their work.

Well known PS3 developer Marcan has shed some light on the subject and explained exactly what this leak means for current and future developers and the scene in general. You can find the original source linked below but it would be allot clearer if you take a look at the article at There you can find a simple Q&A too.

Source: (Marcan) | Wololo

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