PS3 LV0 Keys Leaked and Working

October 23, 2012

Looks like the PS3 LV0 keys have been leaked and reported to be working!

LV0 keys:

ERK = CA7A24EC38BDB45B98CCD7D363EA2AF0C326E65081E0630CB9 AB2D215865878A

RIV = F9205F46F6021697E670F13DFA726212

PUBLIC = A8FD6DB24532D094EFA08CB41C9A72287D905C6B27B42BE4AB 925AAF4AFFF34D41EEB54DD128700D

PRIVATE = 001AD976FCDE86F5B8FF3E63EF3A7F94E861975BA3


To quote:

[_ As this was a group effort, we wouldn’t normally have lost a word about it |
|ever, but as we’re done with PS3 now anyways, we think it doesn’t matter |
|anymore []. Congratulations to the guy that leaked |
|stuff, you, sir, are a 1337 haxx0r, jk, you’re an asshole. _]
| |
| Try this bytes… |
| – [erk=CA7A24EC38BDB45B98CCD7D363EA2AF0C326E65081E0630CB9AB2D215865878A] |
| – [riv=F9205F46F6021697E670F13DFA726212] |
| – [pub=A8FD6DB24532D094EFA08CB41C9A72287D905C6B27B42BE4AB925AAF4AFFF34D |
| 41EEB54DD128700D] |
| – [priv=001AD976FCDE86F5B8FF3E63EF3A7F94E861975BA3] |
| – [ctype=33] |
| …and be amazed. |
| |
[_ People should know that crooked personalities are widespread in this so |
|called ‘scene’. Some people try to achive something for fun together and make|
|the wrong decision to trust others and share their results with them, but ofc|
|there got to be the attention seeking fame wh*** that has to leak stuff to |
|feel a little bit better about him-/herself. _]
[_ Now the catch is that it works like this in every ‘scene’, just that in |
|others it usually doesn’t come to light. _]
[_ The only sad thing is, that the others who worked on this won’t get the |
|attention they deserve because they probably want to remain anonymous (also |
|they don’t care about E-fame
| |
[_ PS: This is neither about drama nor E-fame nor ‘OMG WE HAZ BEEN FIRST’, we |
|just thought you should know that we’re disappointed in certain people. You |
|can be sure that if it wouldn’t have been for this leak, this key would never|
|have seen the light of day, only the fear of our work being used by others to|
|make money out of it has forced us to release this now. _]
‘—-===========================================[- The Three Musketeers]==—-’

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