PS3 Media Server 1.50.0 Beta 1

October 23, 2011

Published on 10-23-2011 10:43 AM

PS3 Media Server 1.50 Beta has been released which allows you to share between your computer and your PS3. Check out the details in the changelog below.

PS3 Media Server 1.50.0 Beta 1 is released

Postby SubJunk ยป Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:43 pm

Built from SVN r949.
Released as beta because some code changes haven’t been widely tested yet.




* Backwards-incompatible API changes (for plugin developers/packagers) – see PS3 Media Server • View topic – Developers: breaking changes forthcoming in 1.50.0 for more details
* Updated binaries build script to include Linux support (thanks, happy.neko!)
* Updated OS X MPlayer to include fontconfig support
* Updated Bulgarian translation (thanks, JORDITO!)
* Updated German translation (thanks, smo!)
* Updated Dutch translation
* Added full featured IP filter with support for wildcards and ranges
* Improved network interface choosing algorithm now skips virtual interfaces
* Updated libraries (configuration, jgoodies and slf4j)
* Detect file system changes runtime (adding/removing folders/files).
* Updated JRE auto-download from 6u27 to 7u1
* Added option to create a desktop shortcut to the Windows installer
* Renderer image improvements
* Improvements to tab layouts
* Maximum bandwidth setting works
* Limit bandwidth to 110Mb/s by default which should solve a lot of “stuttering playback” reports
* Speeds displayed in Mb/s instead of Kb/s
* Recognise forced subtitles (thanks, ExSport!)
* Clarified English language labels
* Updated MPlayer and MEncoder on Windows from Sherpya’s old builds to SubJunk’s new builds which fixes many playback issues, colour-conversion bugs and more (but possibly has drawbacks for some files, too)
* Main (Status) tab displays a large tick when it’s connected to a renderer instead of a PS3 or warning image
* Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.50 from 0.7.47

Upgrade Notes:

For 1.23.0 and above:

* Just uninstall the older version and install newer one

For versions prior to 1.23.0:

* To retain your old settings you may have to copy your old config file/s to a new directory.
To find out where the new directory is on your computer, run the program and go to the Traces tab and look on the 14th line, the line that says “Profile directory:”, that is the folder your config files should be saved now.
* If you use the “media library / cache” option you should reset it.

Windows Download

Linux Download

OS X Download


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