PS3 Media Server 1.52.0 Released

March 22, 2012

Running off the heels of the v1.51 release, SubJunk has pushed version 1.52 to his PS3 Media Server program or PS3MS for short. It should be abbreviated PMS but that’s a discussion for another day. v1.52 is a quick bugfix update to ensure that the viewing experience is as immersing as can be.

Here’s the short changelog for this version:

  • Fix program starting on Linux
  • Support videos with resolutions that are not divisible by 4
  • Improved overscan-compensation
  • Fixed the display of Hebrew subtitles
  • Improvements to logging
  • Updated Czech language (thanks, valib!)

There’s never a bad time as to when you can get the TV on the wall, popcorn in a bowl and PS3 Media Server streaming all of your goodies to your PS3 (and Xbox). If you haven’t already, you can snag the latest update from the PS3MS forums below.

Source: PS3MS

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