PS3 Media Server 1.70 Released

September 3, 2012

The v1.70.1 release sports a lengthy changelog with a number of changes, improvements, bugfixes, additions and whatever makes up the whole nine yards. New to this version is a new web video engine, web protocols, file sorting system, among other things. Look at the full changes below:

  • Add new default web video engine: FFMpeg Web Video
  • Add support for new web protocols: mmsh:// and mmst://
  • Sort files alphanumerically by default e.g. Episode 2 before Episode 10
  • Auto encoding detection of non UTF-8 external subtitles for Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages (leave “Subtitles codepage” option blank)
  • Improved handling of UTF-8 external subtitles
  • Localized #–TRANSCODE–# folder name
  • PMS.conf:
    • Added transcode_folder_name option to allow #–TRANSCODE–# folder name to be customized (issue GC963)
  • Make example PMS.conf behave more like built-in defaults
  • Restore maximum buffer size to 600 MB (was 400 MB)
  • Prevented image distortion on some DLNA clients with “Keep AC-3 track” option enabled
  • Don’t show entries for disabled engines in #–TRANSCODE–# folder
  • Allow Traces tab panel to auto-scroll (thanks, LordQuackstar!)
  • Revert changes to SMP-N100.conf that conflict with Sony Blu-ray players and break MKV support (thanks, mrw1986)
  • Replaced ImageMagick with Thumbnailator for thumbnail generation
  • Fix FFmpeg engine’s handling of unsupported custom options (thanks, ajamess)
  • Fixed FFmpeg command line arguments used by tsMuxeR video
  • Added new renderer: Yamaha RX-A1010 (thanks, merelin)
  • Language updates:
    • Updated Dutch translation (thanks, leroy)
    • Updated Bulgarian translation (thanks, JORDITO)
  • Fix DNLA 2114 errors when scanning non-readable subfolders with “hide empty folders” enabled
  • Renderers:
    • Deprecate misnamed TranscodeVideo profile MPEGAC3: use MPEGPSAC3 instead
    • Document and clean up TranscodeVideo and TranscodeAudio profiles
  • Linux tarball: fix “cannot find tsMuxeR” error
  • MEncoder:
    • disable AC-3 remux if audio track has delay
    • disable DTS and LPCM remuxing if tsMuxeR engine is unavailable

Also, if you are upgrading from versions 1.53 to 1.60, then you have some extra steps to do:

Upgrade Notes: Issues with the sample PMS.conf file bundled with PMS 1.53.0 to 1.60.0

Prior to this release, the sample PMS.conf bundled with PMS since 1.53.0 (June 2012) set values different to the built-in defaults. If you created a PMS.conf by copying one of these sample files to your profile directory, it should be removed and settings should be re-entered and saved in the GUI.

You can download the latest release of PS3 Media Server below.

Downloads: PS3 Media Server v1.70 [ Windows (1.70.1) | Linux | Mac OSX (1.70.1) ]

Source: PS3 Media Server

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