PS3 Media Server 1.71.0 Now Available for PC, Mac, Linux

November 7, 2012

Thanks to the PS3’s DLNA capability, accessing media throughout our entire home has really never been easier. In the early days we used to have to connect and lug around our flash drives or external options and plug them in whenever we needed them. However, with the advent of streaming, now we can keep all of those extra storage devices in s safe and stable location because  our media can be displayed without the need for any kind of physical wiring. Sure, more integrated options like Windows Media Player will work on some systems, but with this software you may want to reconsider.

What has made PS3 Media Server such a popular choice among all sectors of the gaming crowd is that it more or less acts as a one stop solution to stream pretty much any and all kinds of media. As is it happens, new formats like .mkv and .mp4 are  taking the internet by storm and this software will allow you to stream those kinds of files. Additionally with this version in particular even more codecs have been added and bugs have been fixed. Check out the full changelog.


  • Updated MEncoder and MPlayer to SB41
  • Updated ffmpeg to 1.0 (Zeranoe Build 2012-10-10)
  • Fixed file permissions bug

Mac OS X subtitles:

  • Changed audio/subtitle defaults to accept anything
  • Removed fontconfig from MEncoder for improved subs compatibility


  • Improved Android.conf video support
  • Added support for Samsung SMT-G7400 (UPC Horizon)
  • Fixed bug that prevented Galaxy Nexus pictures displaying

Language updates:

  • Updated Chinese Traditional translation (thanks, mcc!)
  • Added Turkish icon


  • Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.60 (GC1508)
  • Updated h2 database to 1.3.168 (thanks, valib!)
  • Improve handling of initialization errors
  • Fixed possible error while loading iPhoto library (GC1523)
  • Fixed bug where disabled engines could be selected in the #–TRANSCODE–# folder
  • Added options for renderer-specific file name formats
  • Added ffmpeg build script


Tags: PS3 Hacks, PS3 Media Server, streaming media

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