PS3 Media Server v1.72 Released

November 20, 2012

The latest PS3 Media Server is released, this newest update brings various bug fixes

To quote:

• Regressions:
– Fixed bug that occurred when using ShowDVDTitleDuration
– Fixed bug that caused embedded subtitles to be displayed when subtitles are disabled
– Fixed bug in handling of filenames with embedded $ characters
• Engines:
– Removed option to automatically switch to tsMuxeR (available manually via the #–TRANSCODE–# folder)

Upgrade Notes:

For 1.70.0 and above:

• Just uninstall the older version and install the newer one.

For versions prior to 1.70.0:

• It is recommended to back up and remove your old PMS.conf and re-enter and save your settings (if any) in the GUI. Alternatively (e.g. if you have a large number of customizations you wish to preserve), see the upgrade notes for previous major releases (e.g. 1.50.0, 1.60.0 &c.) for migration instructions.

[Download via Source]

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