PS3 Media Server v1.80.0 Released

April 12, 2013

A bit late on this one, but nevertheless…PS3 media server has released a sizeable update after a long time. Below is the massive new improvements/upgrade/fixes:

  • Regressions:

    • Re-allow all transcode engines to be disabled
  • PMS.conf:
    • FFmpeg has been renamed ffmpeg_video_custom_options and now defaults to null
  • Renderers:
    • Document TranscodeVideo and TranscodeAudio profiles
    • Panasonic TVs: Add “exclusive” option to SeekByTime to work around a transcoding issue
    • PS3: Restore seek-by-time support for streaming
    • Android: allowing chunked transfer
    • AirPlayer & iPad/iPhone: transcoding to WMV format gives better results
    • Improved support for Sony Bravia HX (thanks, mazey!)
    • Improved streaming support for some renderers (thanks, ExSport!)
  • Engines:
    • FFmpeg Video and FFmpeg Web Video:

      • Support all three TranscodeVideo profiles: WMV, MPEGTSAC3 and MPEGPSAC3
      • Preserve source video quality
    • FFmpeg Video:
      • Custom FFmpeg options are now read before each transcode rather than only at startup
        (parity with custom MEncoder options)
      • Rescale videos larger than the renderer’s max height/width
      • Updated to use “wmav2″ codec (#1583)
    • FFmpeg Audio: support all TranscodeAudio profiles
    • VLC:
      • Added support for VLC as engine (thanks, LordQuackstar!)
  • Language updates:
    • Updated Brazilian translation (thanks, Bruno Arueira!)
    • Updated Catalan translation (thanks, oscaroe!)
    • Updated simplified Chinese translation (thanks, lovenemesis!)
    • Updated Italian translation (thanks, nocciola82!)
  • Misc:
    • Fixed bug that prevents PMS running multiple profiles concurrently
    • Fixed NPE when responding to DLNA subtitle requests
    • Fixed NPE for empty soapactions
    • Image thumbnailer:
      • Added thumbnail support for TIFF and other formats
      • Trapped exception when handling unsupported formats
    • Fixed response to M-SEARCH “ssdp:all” message (thanks, ler0y!)
    • Fixed fontconfig configuration for Mac OSX, improving subtitle quality
    • Moved several transcoding settings from MEncoder to Common transcoding settings
    • Layout improvements to remove scroll bars where possible
    • Help is now context sensitive

[Download and source]

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