PS3 Minis (Bite) Brings Big Visual and Code Changes in Version 1.3a

April 15, 2013

In case you haven’t been following the PS3 scene too much lately, one of the most interesting developments these days is the ability to load a small selection of PSP games on the console by repackaging your ISOs as PSP Minis. Originally we thought it was going to be a long time before any real GUI would make use of the algorithm, but thankfully the Italian developers over at BiteYourConsole have done their best to help us make use of these new findings. Through a simple three click procedure you can be having some portable fun on the big screen.

The previous release more or less set the standard, but version 1.3a takes those fundamentals and blows them wide open. Now, there are even fewer clicks involved with making your favorite PSP titles run, and the program look has been overhauled to reflect a much more PSP friendly concept. There is also a new video tutorial and English version which you will find in the download link below. By utilizing Aldo’s Bruteforce Edat you should also be able to get a few more games running as well which will be good news to those of you having problems. If you need another language other than English, it can be found at the source. This is a great update for all of you PSP fans!

Source / Download

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