PS3 Modified Firmware Builder Gets Increased Functionality

October 1, 2012

Odds are if you have custom firmware running on your PS3, you’re going to be the type of person that likes to tweak things exactly the way they like them. If that’s the case you may want to check out the latest version of PS3MFW Builder which adds even more functionality than before.

If you’re new to the whole CFW scene, you may be interested to know that the customized nature of the base firmware itself really only scratches the surface of what can be done to make your system more attuned to how you would like it to operate. There are of course these much smaller additions called plugins that work to address some of the more fine-tuned aspects of how your system operates. One of the premiere tools that will help you alongside the installation process of these plugins is PS3MFW Builder which acts as a compilation of some of the more commonly used tweaks to give your console just a little bit of a facelift.

Coming today from cfwprpht comes a new TCL patch to the system that allows for the alphabetic ordering of your homebrew. This can be helpful of course if you’re the kind of gamer that has a ton of different programs on their system to wade through. However, while this is the only adjustment made for now, the developer says that you can expect a lot more to be coming in the near future such as a patch that allows you to add certain homebrew to a specific user created category. For all the organization freaks out there, these patches should definitely suit your need. If you’re browsing the XMB on a custom system after all, it should look just the way you want it.


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