PS3 Multi Tools v6.0 Supports Updated Firmwares and Keys

October 29, 2012

To quote the developer himself, coming with this whole new version number are a lot of changes within this program related to firmware support as well as eboot support  as well. Essentially to summarize what you’re about to read, SvenGDK has taken the opportunity to update his noob-friendly PS3 tool in a way that reflects this burst of PS3 news stories we’ve been having lately. That being said, when it comes to firmware, the changeleog says that you can expect support and options regarding Rogero 4.21, E3 4.30, and 4.25 DEX. He might have missed the boat with the new Rogero 4.30, but this should have most of you covered.

Tools hoping to add some functionality across your computer, version six has updates there as well with the inclusion of Sixaxis for Windows, Split4G, and PSN Download manager. In accord with this there are also a small number of added homebrew options as well including the addition of Custom ps3usercheat v2.3, Minimal Downgradable FW Checker, and 4.21 options such as Blackb0x FTP 1.2, Comgenie Awesome Filemanager, dev_blind, and ReActPSN. More or less, this set of tools stays true to its name by offering us plenty of choices in a package that is still pretty visually appealing.


Tags: PS3 Hacks, PS3 Homebrew, ps3 multitools

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