PS3 OFW 4.46 – Live Now, Download Links & Guide!

June 28, 2013

So as Jd8531 reported on a few days back, OFW 4.45 was causing some PS3′s to turn into a brick. A fix has now been released! 

Now, what does this update specifically do?

Well the main one would be fixing all of those bricked PS3′s, obviously, and you can now change the settings so you no longer get trophy notifications.

For those of you who have had their PS3 bricked by this disgusting piece of software ( ;) ) hopefully, this will help your road to recovery! A step-by-step guide on updating your PS3.

First of all, download your corresponding region download.


Firstly we will need to make sure your memory stick (or SD Card, or USB storage) is formatted correctly, make sure everything is out of it, right click it and click ‘Format…’. This will bring up a little window that looks a little bit like this:
Choose FAT32.

Once we’ve done that, we now need to put the .PUP you downloaded onto your freshly formatted memory stick. Well of course, it needs to be in the correct folders!

And it goes a little bit like this:

So, Inside your memory stick, you want nothing else apart from a folder that says PS3, and inside that folder, UPDATE (In capitals!)

Got it yet? Good.

Remember, make sure that this is correct, otherwise your beautiful PS3 will not recognize that the update file is there. And keep everything in capitals!

I’ll go over update method if you still have an XMB for the moment:

Go over to Settings, second to the left, all the way to the top you’ll find something that says ‘System Update’ can you guess what that does?

Well once you’ve chanced death and pressed X on it you’ll be greeted by a screen like this

Now’s the time where you plug your memory stick into the console, and select ‘Update via Storage Media’

Once you have done so, the PS3 finds the selected FW to which you just press X and it’ll start!


Now’s the tricky part – For those of you who have a bricked console.

Now regarding the memory stick, it’s the same as above (format to FAT32, download .pup , put in PS3//UPDATE)  but after that, you’ll need to start up your console in safe mode by:

  1. Turn off your PS3, making sure that the light is on solid red
  2. Hold your finger down on the power button – you will hear the first beep which tells you the PS3 is powering on

2.1 Continue to hold down the power button after for 5 seconds, indicating the video reset, it will beep to let you know.

2.2 Keep on holding down until you hear yet another beep – The PS3 will now power off.

3. As before, turn it on, hold it down for video reset, after this as you keep holding down, you will hear a quick double beep – After remove your finger from the power button and this beautiful screen should come up:

4. Do what it says. (Connect a PS controller using it’s charger cable)

5. Once you have done so, a magic screen appears;

You can probably guess which one to choose, right? You want to update the system, so you choose restore file system. (I’m only joking, don’t do that)

Put your memory stick in, and go down to System Update and press

follow it through, and hey presto your done. (Unless your PS3 blows up, that’s not my fault…)

Remember, if you have any problems, you can always make a topic on /talk, where the other members will gladly help out! ( I hope)

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