PS3 + PS Vita = Sony’s Wii U

November 27, 2012

The PS3 and the PS Vita make a damn good team together, and Sony are doing their best to integrate these features into a great deal of existing and upcoming titles.  With the Wii U being released however, it will be interesting to see how Sony respond to such a direct piece of competition.

In my opinion, the PS3/Vita combo are a much better team than the up and coming Wii U for a number of reasons.  With the Wii U being maxed out at 32GB (external HDD’s not included as you cannot install games on them) this does not sound like anywhere near enough storage for a console that now sports 1080P games.  While you can use disc content, for those who prefer digital content this will fill up very quickly.  Comparing to the Vita and PS3, The Vita’s games sit at a maximum of 1-2GB in size with variable storage from 4GB to 32GB, and the PS3 with games topping the 15GB mark a maximum retail size of 500GB that you can upgrade with a 2.5″ laptop drive if you feel this as being necessary.  Also remember if necessary you can store PS Vita game installers on the PS3 for when you need them.

Moving on to controllers, The Wii U and the PS3/Vita have their own advantages.  The Wii U remote is obviously compatible with all games released for the Wii U, and is the main controller that comes with the console.  With the Vita however, this standalone console is only compatible with selected games on the PS3 using “Cross Controller” at this time (PS All Stars and LittleBigPlanet 2 for example). The Wii U obviously has a larger list of games for compatibility, however with this being said if Sony are smart they will release more compatibility updates as the Wii U rolls out worldwide.  Vita however can be used absolutely anywhere you want, either to control your PS3 via USB or wirelessly for media and compatible remote play games, or to take the console away and play its own exclusive games.  With newer releases also supporting cross play, you can game from Vita to PS3 and vice versa online.  This section is up to you to decide, but I see the Vita coming out on top here too.

This last part is treading on thin ice, and very subjective as to what gamer you are and what titles you prefer.  This next part is my own opinion, and not pointing out facts as in the previous paragraphs.  Between the Wii U and the PS3/Vita, comparing games is a very hard thing to do.  So far for me, the only two games on Wii U that have grabbed my attention are Zombie U and Rayman Legends, which have both gotten great write ups and feedback from EB Expo and reviews.  Personally however, I still prefer the content that is being released on Sony’s consoles.  Games like Gravity Rush, Unit 13, Journey, LittleBigPlanet 2’s cross play DLC, the WipEout series and the latest competitor to Nintendo “PS All Stars”, I see the PS3 and Vita as a much more refreshing and interesting line up than what has been presented for the Wii U.

With all of these points being made, price points are almost evenly balanced too.  In Australian dollars, the Wii U comes in at $348 for basic and $428 for premium models, with games launching at $70-$90.  For a Vita Wi-Fi bundle (console, game and 4GB card) you pay $298, and around $50-$60 for a game.  PS3 bundles come in at $398 for a 500GB console, 3 games and 2 controllers.  New games sit around 60-$80, not factoring in the option of PS Plus.  Personally, the PS3/Vita combo comes at a far more affordable price than the Wii U including the price of games.

Now while a lot of this is fact, I expect people do disagree with me in a few areas.  That is what the comment section is for.  Leave your opinion in relation to this controversial rant down below.  I will do my best to reply and give my feedback!  Hope you enjoyed the read.

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