[PS3] Release: PSP2PS3 1.7.3

April 11, 2013

We mentioned yesterday the ongoing insane progress on the PS3 scene to get PSP games and homebrews to run on PS3 CFW. PS3Hax member szczuru released yesterday an update of his tools suite (to version 1.7.3) that helps with the process of packaging your PSP games to run on the PS3.

The process has become relatively user friendly, although due to the limitations of the PSP emulator on the PS3, not all games will run.

This update features the following changes:

—FIXED: Starting EDAT Tool when user chooses to unpack iso
—FIXED: Issue when function sleep doesn’t exist in system – pause will be used insted of it.
—Extension in output filename is now required
—DONOR.PBP isn’t required anymore. Replaced fake_np with one which doesn’t need DONOR //thanks to Aldo (aka aldostools)

The last point in particular should help a lot reducing the pain and steps required to get your games prepared, as it removes the need for an other EBOOT file in order to package your game.


You can download the latest version of PSP2PS3 here

Stay tuned as we are following the progress on this, in particular how far this can go in running psp homebrews on the PS3.

Source PS3hax

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