PS3 Save Resigner v1.4 Released

December 24, 2012

There’s another application available that makes uses of flat_z’s pfdtool for all of your save game manipulation needs. K.G 971 has provided a GUI for ease of use of flat_z’s tools regardless of whether you have to change the region of a savegame, change accounts or remove the copy protection. Let’s take a look at the changelog:


  • Fixed Windows XP problems. Now it works for everyone. BIG thanks to RuiGR for his great help


  • Added some features
  • Added “Copy params of a specified game” option: To all those who were getting corruption errors (Tekken ect..), this version may fix them.

  • Make sure to select the “Copy params of a specified game” option, and load the PARAM.SFO of your version of the game that you try to resign a save to.

  • Decrypt option updated: When you decrypt a game save folder, it’s now in the folder “Decrypted Save Folders”.

  • Attempt to fix the XP problem.

You can download everything that you need below.

Download: PS3 Save Resigner v1.4

Source: PS3Hax

Tags: Flat_z, k.g. 971, pfdtool, PlayStation 3, PS3, ps3 save resigner

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