PS3 scene turning into PSP scene? Plugins and Save Game Crash appear

November 4, 2013

Some of you might say ‘ps3 scene isn’t as good as psp scene’ or ‘i’ve had more fun with my portable console than with the one on my living room’. Well, that may change in the near future, as two interesting things surface on the ps3 scene.

One of them is plugin loading on vsh. Developer user figured out (thanks to the sources recently released by cobra for their usb device) that it is possible to load vsh plugins on the ps3! Some interesting plugins such as ‘Hypervisor Debug Log’ (remote Peek & Poke) and ‘webMAN‘ are now available and they let you do all sorts of cool things, like playing with lv1/lv2 memory, mounting internal disc games on-the-fly and debug the hypervisor by a specific call. All of these require prx loader, here.

What a nice addition to the ps3 scene :)

Webman lets you browse your games on your PS3 from the web (PC, Android, iPhone, etc…)

Another thing recently surfaced was a savegame crash that (like the name implies) crashes the game. the game in question is fifa 2009, and the method in use is similar to the ones that appear on the psp scene, the buffer overflow exploits. since fifa 09 uses a profile save with your name on it you can extend the name until it overwrites a register in memory :D
Unfortunately, the person in question only managed to crash the game, and no further development was made. Who knows, maybe this could introduce savegame exploits to the ps3 scene, turning it a bit like the psp scene…

On light of these two events, i can honestly say that the tides are changing and the ps3 development area is starting to look as cool as the psp counter part. What is your opinion? ;)

Sources: psx-scene, ps3hax (links above)

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