PS3 Tekken 6 Mod Incoming From White Lord

February 25, 2013

It’s probably been a while since many of you have played Tekken 6. After all, with the more recent release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 now out and about, it’s possible that after playing through the game with every chracter and mastering arcade mode, you probably haven’t really picked up the game again. In the past, a coder known as Osmund Neuron released what was called the Tekken 6 Rebirth Mod for PSP which allowed users to play as NPCs Azazel as as well as Nancy. That same hacker under the nem White Lord is now working to bring you those same cool luxuries.

If you haven’t played Tekken 6 before, Azazel and Nancy are two larger than life boss characters that could be found in the game but were never actually playable as full fighters. Once you install this mod however, both huge statures will be unlocked for your fighting leiisure. Other than a few proof screenshots, other details on the mod are somewhat scarce, but we can at least tell you it’s coming. There are many more possible features to be added according to the developer, but you’ll just have to stay tuned to DashHacks to find out what those add-ons are!


Tags: PS3 Homebrew, Tekken 6, tekken 6 mod, white lord

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