PS3: The King Of Europe

April 27, 2012

Some games are just better on PC, it’s sad but true. Yet the home consoles are still flying high in the sales department.

We have reached a stage now where PC’s are simply better than the consoles we have sitting in our rooms, graphically they are more advanced and they run games quicker. This doesn’t mean it is time for an upgrade just yet though…

The most recent sales figures have given the European crown to Sony’s PlayStation 3. With the earlier dominance of the Xbox 360 due to its early release date, the PlayStation has reached a point where it is catching up at an alarming rate.

With the PlayStation outselling its Nintendo and Microsoft rivals in Europe, it brings it to a mere 2 million unit sales below the Xbox 360 which had a significant release date advantage. The Xbox 360 still continues to dominate on its own turf in the U.S.A, whilst the 3DS is the biggest console in Japan.

As it stands, the PlayStation 3 looks to overcome its bitter rival in sales before the next generation of consoles are released. This means excluding Nintendo, Sony would have won the console war against Microsoft. We’ll have to wait and see how this develops.

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