PS3 Tools Collection 2.2.4 Released by Aldostools

March 24, 2013

Aldo’s collection of PS3 Tools never stops being updated. With the recent addition and updates made to the PS2 Classics GUI tool, others follow. With the release of PS3 Tools Collection 2.2.4, the GUI gets its update as well as the Bruteforce Save Data and PS3 Games Database tools. Let’s see what’s new in each.

Bruteforce Save Data 3.7.1

  • Added function to change title id/region id of savedata folder.
  • Multiple saves can be resigned in a single step.
  • Added experimental support for game genie’s code 7 (add write).
  • It also features the Patch Creator 1.2.5 plugin to assist in the creation of save patches.


PS2 Classics GUI 1.4

  • Added display of sector count and sector size found in Primary Volume Description of the ISO9660.
  • Added offset for CD images verification.


PS3 Games Database 1.3.1

  • Multiple items selection is now supported.

You can download the latest version of PS3 Tools Collection below or each tool individually below.


Download: PS3 Tools Collection 2.2.4 | Bruteforce Save Data 3.7.1 | PS2 Classics GUI 1.4 | PS3 Games Database 1.3.1

Source: aldostools

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