PS3 Tools Collection: 2 To The Zero To The 65

February 12, 2013

Aldo has been on a roll with the updates that he’s cranking out for the PS3 Tools Collection . Making this the third update of the week, Aldo has outed this release of the collection as a result of the updates that he has made to the PS3 Cheats Editor tool. That is the lone tool that makes the cut this time, so to speak. Here’s the changelog for that PS3 Cheats Editor 2.6.1:


  • Cheats compatible with the EBOOT hack now can be identified easily.
  • Fixed a critical bug in the eboot patcher module.
  • Eboot patcher now supports code types: 0T00 (8-bit write), 1T00 (16-bit write), 2T00 (32-bit write), 4T00 (Serial/multiwrite), 5T00 (Copy command)
  • Updated the cheat database with gingerbread’s update containing 520 games.

As always, you can hit up the links below to grab yourself the latest updates to the entire collection or to the individual tools.


Download: PS3 Tools Collection 2.0.65 | PS3 Cheats Editor 2.6.1

Source: aldostools


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