PS3 Tools Collection v2.3.14 Released

September 3, 2013

Latest version of PS3 Tools is out, bringing mainly Bruteforce app, with additional bug fixes/code optimizations

Changelog: PS3 Tools Collection 2.3.14

PS3 Bruteforce Save Data 4.0.20 updated 2013-09-01!
ATTENTION: If you updated to builds 4.0.15 or 4.0.16… update now to this version. There is an important bug in CRC32 computation in these versions.
New in 4.0.20: Code optimization for CRC functions.
New in 4.0.19: Fixed a bug in search command in BSD script when the value is not found. Added CRC-16 CCITT and CRC-16 to Search Checkum in Patch Creator.
New in 4.0.18: Fixed a bug with read() function in BSD script. Added Carry parameter to Search Checkum in Patch Creator.
New in 4.0.17: Added search next command to BSD Script. Improved Search Checkum in Patch Creator. Added version update notification with direct download

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