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March 15, 2013

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PS Unban v1.0.1 PKG Gets You Back On PSN

Who’s been looking for a way to avoid the Sony ban hammer and get back on the PSN without giving up their CFW? Well Italian Developer TomCat is back with an update to PS Unban that aims at doing just that. Now before you get too excited remember that this has and always will be a back and forth with Sony and developers and eventually Sony will kill this version of PS UnBan until a new version is produced.  So you may not be safe forever from Sony’s Ban Hammer. Take a look below for the instructions and release notes and please keep in mind that this is a rough translation at best from TomCat’s original release note.


  • Create a new user
  • Run pkg
  • Connect to PSN
  • Enjoy!


  • When off the PS3 you will have to restart. PKG and get started game online
  • Stay away from Call of Duty (ALL), not to play with false passports, and not start from online homebrew!
  • Make sure you first change the game not being connected online


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Just like clockwork Aldo returns with another update for the PS3 Tools collection and if you are using this you should defninitely see what has been updated and grab the latest version for yourself.

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