PS3Hax: Weekly Homebrew Releases and Updates Recap 29/08/2012

August 30, 2012

Until I’m shown a dictionary definition of homebrew that reputable sources have recognized and that is renowned worldwide… I don’t buy it.

To me homebrew is anything created, modified or produced in the Scene. Period.

Bahaha I understand you’re a bit young and probably don’t grasp it.. hell you probably don’t care. Homebrew is totally different to hacks & cracks.
What you are saying is that TB was releasing homebrew.
You are saying that recognized warez groups are releasing homebrew.
I’ll dumb it down as much as possible for you because the terms homebrew, hacks and cracks have been around longer than you’ve been alive.
No you won’t find it in a dictionary but its widely accepted and known as the definition.
Kind of like how noob isn’t in the dictionary but is widely accepted as meaning – dumbass who says/asks stupid things. Not educated and likely not willing to be educated.

Homebrew – an application or game written by a person or persons without the aid of a development studio.
Eg: ThatOtherDev and his games. He is a homebrew dev and his games are homebrew.
Blackbox released an FTP application.

Hack – code or ‘trick’ used to bypass security measures or expand upon its current capabilities (talking console only).
Eg: geohot hacked the PS3 first.
He found an exploit and developed a hack that other teams expanded into what we have today.

Crack – code or hack that bypasses the security of a game or application.
Eg: TB cracked the security of Portal 2 and released the cracked EBOOT.
NODRM cracked the security of TB and released their cracked EBOOTs.
Skidrow cracked the security of some PC game and released a crack.

PSSuite on the Vita was designed to allow hobby devs to create basic homebrew… they did not do it so people could crack the security on their games.

Hopefully that makes a bit of sense to you.. maybe look on Wikipedia for ‘homebrew console’ you won’t see any references to hacks or cracks.

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