PS3ITA Loader v0.2 Released – Checks For Valid Console IDs

April 12, 2013

The PS3ITA team has updated their Loader tool to version 0.2. For those not familiar with this tool, it allows you to change the console ID currently to a PS3 running their 4.21 DEX 2.2 custom firmware. With this, you’ll be able to get back on the PSN and if desired, you can permanently flash the ID to your console so that it is preserved through shutdowns and reboots. The new release now validates the console ID you have chosen to assign to the console to ensure that it is a proper ID. The usage instructions are straightforward as well:

  1. Copy the folder ps3ita the root of the USB stick.
  2. Move the flag you want to install from the / ps3ita/NOT_ACTIVE in / ps3ita. (flags are simple text files, and inside they explained their function).
  3. Insert the USB stick into the port on the right of the PS3.
  4. Install the pkg “ps3ita_loader” and run it. If something goes wrong, the LED turns red, otherwise fine. A log file in / dev_usb000/ps3ita cmq will be created to verify if all the steps have taken place properly.
  5. The new features are now active.


NOTE: change the console id is required only if you have a ps3 banned , otherwise let go of the whole procedure and login to the PSN as you were on a common original firmware sony


  • a USB stick – a valid console id (do not ask us) – the pkg
  1. Create the root of the USB stick folder ps3ita
  2. Inside the folder ps3ita created a text file and name it install_new_idps
  3. Open with a text editor the file install_new_idps just created and write in the console id. id The console consists of 32 digits and must be written all attached (no spaces between numbers and others). Example console id (is invented, do not use it):00000001008500081009999999999999
  4. Well now you turn on the PS3, insert the USB stick into the USB port to the right.
  5. Install the pkg
  6. If everything went correctly the ps3 will automatically restart and the LED will be yellow , otherwise the LED will turn red. A text file will be created in the log usb stick (in the ps3ita) and list any errors. 7) Now the new console id is active and you can connect to PSN with a simple login.

If you want to use this, you can download it below.

Download: PS3ITA Loader v0.2

Source: PS3ITA

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