PS3ITA Manager 1.10 Is Here – A fork of IrisManager v2.50J

June 6, 2013

PS3ITA Team is back again with a new update to their fork of IrisManager. This update from PS3ITA is based off the recent update of IrisManager v2.50J. New in this version is the addition of a new feature that will allow users to change their Console ID temporary or whenever PS3ITA manager is booted each time swapping your real ConsoleID with your alternate one that you provide to the backup manager. For all the details of this release take a look below at the official changelog for version 1.10.

PS3ITA Manager

Release Quote for PS3ITA Manager V1.10

We are delighted to announce a new update of our backup manager: Ps3ita Manager.

In addition to other minor changes / additions, this new update incorporates the new feature of “Change console id”. The latter allows, with ease, to view your console id and then change it via virtual keyboard on video.

Here are the official changes of version 1.10:

v1.10, 04/06/13:

Based on Iris Manager 2.50J.
NOTE: the new gui “Running icons” is not included.

New Features:

– Added menu “Network Tools”, this includes two new option:
“Set new console id”, allows you to change the console id with one of your choice, the new id is set automatically when you start PS3ita Manager.
“Restore original console id (EID5)”, restores the original console id.

– Revised the fix for the error 0×80010009. Also added a screen which invites user to wait for the end of the procedure.
– “Disc – Less payload” now also supports the CFW 3.55 DEX, 4.21 DEX e 4.30 DEX.
– Added 8 new background colors.
– Other small graphical additions.
– New values ​​in “Fan Control” for fun mode “payload”.

Downalod: Ps3ita Manager v1.10 PKG  / SRC: Ps3ita Manager v1.10 Source

Primary Source: Addional New Source:

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