Ps3ita manager v 1.60-u:

February 18, 2014

This is an unofficial release by PS3ITA MANAGER of Rancid-o and developed by ORION.Being that the manager had stuck to the old payload we decided to update and make it work on cfw 4.55 to help our friends at PS3ITA

added 4.55 and 4.53 payload
works on all cfw 4.55
change console IDs for inserted cfw-4.55 4.53,
inserted file only for cfw discless 4.55


source code:!Xo50CaIA!g9-uJm…U0-Ush4-I1-yRw

Thank you:Rancid-o,Estwald ,Aldo Vargas
Warning: Remember that this manager is property of Estwald and, this version was made for users who want to use this manager even on new cfw, but it is clear that this, perhaps, will be the only release of this genre because we already are committed with the development of gamesonic manager who already has all the features of ps3ita manager.

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