PS3loadX v1.1 Patched – Fixed for 3.55

July 17, 2012

Originally released by Hermes sometime in 2011, who’s since then has left the PS3 scene, PS3Hax member condorstrike has released a modified version of Hermes original creation: PS3loadX v1.1. The developer, famous for works such as Solar and Condor Updater, admittedly left most of the binary intact and hasn’t changed much with the exception of an issue related to spawning. He’s also changed ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG, SND0.AT3, and PARAM.HIS. In addition, the program should now work on all 3.55 machines across the board, as long as you’re running custom firmware.


Hi guys, I’m releasing this for the hell of it… PS3loadX v1.1 fixed.

I know an0nymous made his own version, big props on that, but it never worked for “me” and only me. This is PS3LoadX v1.1 by Hermes, one of
the last releases he made before leaving the PS3 scene. That being one, if not the worst thing to happen to the scene.

I didn’t mess much with the code, even though I wanted to add a planet or something, :P. Only fixed the spawning issue to make it work on 3.55 CFWs and added a new ICON0.PNG, cause I hate that PSL1GHT logo, but left the binary intact, also added a PIC1.PNG, SND0.AT3, and PARAM.HIS.


  • You can load SELF files using the net.
  • You can load applications from USB/ HDD devices
  • You can install applications to the USB or HDD devices from one .zip file
  • You can copy applications from USB devices to HDD
  • Also you can delete installed applications.

installing and launching programs and .zip files:

  • You can load .ZIP files via tcp using the network, just like the SELFs.
  • An “install” folder will be built into your [USB/HDD root: Homebrew] Folder and contents shadow copied to PSL145310/homebrew/install.
  • The”install” folder can be added manually as-well, if no network loading is to be used.
  • Programs will be displayed in PS3LoadX and buttons commands will be available accordingly.


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