PS3MFW v0.3.1 + 4.xx Tasks

August 15, 2013

RedDot-3ND7355 & B7U3 C50SS have released PS3MFW v0.3.1 and a few tasks at the PS3 Developer Git.

OFFICIAL by RedDot-3ND7355 & B7U3 C50SS


Finally we had fixed and got MFW Builder 0.3 to work and made 0.3.1 :D

Enjoy this fix and u can add our tasks from our git :P

Or even your owns…

PS3MFW 0.3.1

Here are our own MFW Tasks hand made! took patterns from the
4.xx features in mfw builder v3 pre-release!
If any tasks dosent work plz report back!
And if your a programer that is good in this lik Glevand
then plz join us!

MFW Tasks (Custom) Project

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