[PS3/PS4] Call of Duty: Ghosts ban wave. Activision responds to complaints.

March 18, 2014

COD players on PS3/PS4 being *targeted*, as you may notice we may have another *Call of duty Blacks Ops 2, ban wave* situation here. Those round of bans seem to target PS3 and PS4 users primarily, source stated.
Activision decided to show their face to face those complaints of Angry banned gamers. Saying that this those ban waves have been places on casual players *who only put a few hours into the game, each week*, oddly enough they clame that they have a history of hacking or cheats.

tcsdaniels (COD gamer) spout his venon over COD ghosts official board. Which got a perma banned without doing *nothing* just turning off his PS3. (lol)
So even if this player got banned by mistake, Activision replied the following:

“All bans are final and will not be reversed. Nor do we provide any additional information or specifics in regards to the ban.”

Long story short, they owned a poor guy and ended with a perma-ban. While he/she stated that he was not hacking nor cheating.
Strange?, nah. Actision being a douchebag yet again.

Funny though, main target are PS3/PS4 users….

To quote:

Call of Duty: Ghosts developer Infinity Ward appears to have enacted a widespread round of bans that seem to target PS3 and PS4 users primarily. Activision has responded to complaints that the bans have been placed on casual players who only put a few hours into the game each week, and claim to have no history of hacking or cheats.

Over on the Call of Duty: Ghosts forum, user tcsdaniels wrote, “I was playing COD Ghosts with my son and after a few rounds of domination I took a break and when I returned to play few more rounds with him my account was banned. He continued to play under his account until he wanted to take a break. He turned off our PS3 and when we went back on about an hour or so later to see if my account was an error or something low and behold an error appeared on both our accounts, now stating our console is permanently banned.”

He added, “If we got banned for simply playing in a hacked or cheated lobby (not knowing it was hacked or whatever) then that is not right and concludes that a thorough investigation is NOT conducted prior to a player and/or their console getting banned.

“I hope infinity ward makes this right soon, we have been very loyal customers (FOLLOWING ALL THE RULeS) If we are not thoroughly investigated we will be sending weekly letters to Activision and infinity ward to please investigate our accounts and console.”

This Reddit user also posted a complaint that echoed the sentiment above. The user claims to be a casual player with no past discrepancies on his account.

Activision posted a response to the Reddit post that stated, “bans are put in place after an account has been investigated into. Any code of conduct violations WILL result in a ban. The user is responsible for all actions taken on the account.

“All bans are final and will not be reversed. Nor do we provide any additional information or specifics in regards to the ban.”


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