PS3Tools GUI: 3.0 & SPU Emulation, Among Other Stuff

July 19, 2012

The ever evolving PS3Tools GUI sees another update. After just a few hours of announcing that the v3.0 update is incoming, PSDev releases the new version for all to enjoy.

The v3.0 update includes a few new additions, one of them being SPU Emulation that was originally developed by none other by KDSBest. This was just a tease of one of the features announced in his tweet earlier. Alongside that are self and debug PKG file decryption and updates to the logging for the EDAT and PKG tools. Here’s the official changelog below:

  • Debug PKG Decryption added
  • Self decryption added
  • Logging Errors/successes added to EDAT tool
  • logging Errors/succession added to PKG tool
  • loading bars code adjustment, more accurate now

You can pick up the latest update to the PS3Tools GUI below.

Download: PS3ToolsGUI v3.0

Source: PS3Hax

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